Reddit and the Job Search

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by Sheree Van Vreede (@rezlady)

In an effort to continue looking at some “out-of-the-box” social media tools and whether they can play a part in a job search, this week we are going to look at “reddit.” (Make sure you check out our review of StumbleUpon from last week.)

Reddit: Is It Just for News Freaks (like me)?

Like StumbleUpon, reddit is described as a social news website, where the users (or “redditors”) submit the content and then vote on it. Links receiving the highest votes get pushed to higher prominence and drive traffic to those sites. In a different twist from StumbleUpon, reddit users can submit both links as well as text “self” posts. These self posts can ask questions, pontificate, make jokes, and so on. They get voted on in the same manner as the links.

Other redditors also can comment on the content submitted and form communities around specific interests called “subreddits.” So, from that perspective, reddit becomes more than just a news source; it is also a forum, where various topics are up for debate.

What Does It All Mean for the Job Seeker?

Much like StumbleUpon, reddit can be useful for those job seekers who are using blogging as part of their social media job search campaign. With some time and attention, you can build a community there that supports your content while they support yours. Also, because reddit lets you posts questions, you can (as several others do), post job search questions and solicit comments from your fellow redditors. At the same time, you can respond to their questions and maybe even form a job seeker support group of sorts.

The biggest caveat that I see for more established job seekers is that reddit is overflowing with young people, so many of the questions and discussions pertain to issues that GenY workers are facing. You certainly aren’t likely to find many hiring managers hanging out (although you might find job postings that are being shared).

Nonetheless, if your goal is to draw exposure to your blog, website, or other online content, and you want to try and reach out to other job seekers, reddit might be a way to go (come find ITtechExec, if you do). I would just caution that like so many of these sites, it can be a big time-eater. So make sure you watch the clock carefully and don’t give it more time than it deserves.

The ITtechExec Way

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